Pastoral Care

Our programme is carefully designed with the aim of giving children the basic skills and knowledge that they need to increase self-responsibility and self-esteem. It helps them move towards the goal of reaching their full potential by:

·         Raising self-esteem and self-responsibility,

·         Inspiring them to develop a lifetime enthusiasm for learning

·         Developing their positive social skills,

·         Developing their critical thinking and decision making skills,

·         Training them to protect themselves from harmful influences,

·         Empowering them to take charge of themselves and our planet’s future

Our vision is to raise children’s aspirations

We help them to become life-long learners by developing transferable skills to equip them to succeed in the 21st century. We believe that every child can fulfill their potential and are committed to children’s wider well-being by:

  • developing a love for  and enjoyment of learning, forming friendships and leaving with fond memories of

         Lechwe School.

·           inspiring each child to become an effective learner and achieve the highest educational standards

         that they possibly can;

  • encouraging children to develop a moral compass and contribute positively to the school and wider


  • recognising and nurturing each child’s individual talents;
  • promoting healthy lifestyles through a range of opportunities in and out of school;
  • ensuring attendance at school by working in partnership with our community to value education,
  • promoting the view that effort and achievement lead to self-improvement and fulfillment;
  • engaging and helping parents to actively support their children’s learning and development;
  • Safeguarding children and actively tackling all forms of bullying, discrimination and harassment.


Our moral code

Lechwe School is implementing a strong set of moral codes that all of our children embrace. Values such as respect, honesty and perseverance are emphasized within the classroom and good behaviour is positively reinforced. Pupils develop good relationships with their teachers and their peers. They understand that supporting one another, regardless of their age, gender or background is an important aspect of school life.

About Lechwe

The school follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge Primary Syllabus (CPS) in the primary school and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) and Cambridge Assessment International Education syllabus for the secondary section both of which take our locality into account. The World renowned and respected GL Assessment at CAT 4 level are regularly conducted. Lechwe School is a proud center of SAT, ABRSM, and IELTS examinations.

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